Magnolia, a beautiful neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, offers a picturesque setting, stunning views, and proximity to both downtown Seattle and the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty. With a history dating back to the late 19th century, Magnolia began as a rural area renowned for its orchards and farms. It has since transformed into a highly sought-after residential community.

Situated on a hilly peninsula, Magnolia is bordered by the waters of Puget Sound and Elliott Bay, providing residents with breathtaking views of the water, city skyline, and surrounding mountains. The neighborhood's charm is further enhanced by notable landmarks. Discovery Park, spanning over 500 acres. Magnolia Boulevard, running along the western edge, offers panoramic vistas of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, attracting joggers, cyclists, and nature enthusiasts. At the heart of Magnolia lies Magnolia Village, a vibrant commercial district where locals gather to explore local shops, restaurants, cafes, and services. Finally, Fisherman's Terminal, located on the eastern edge, showcases Seattle's maritime heritage and treats visitors to seafood markets, restaurants, and captivating views of fishing vessels.


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How we help you buy/sell a home in Magnolia

How we ensure the best real estate practices to help you buy and sell homes in Magnolia

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Kimo and Ginger are established Magnolia real estate experts with a wealth of experience in buying and selling homes in the area. With over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and customer service, Kimo possesses a deep understanding of the Seattle real estate market, including its current trends and data. He leverages his expertise to guide his clients through the intricate process of purchasing or selling a home, ensuring a seamless and confident experience. As a dedicated Magnolia specialist, Kimo has not only invested countless years in coaching youth sports but also actively volunteered in local schools, scouting, and church youth programs, fostering strong ties within the community.

Ginger Ard brings a remarkable 23 years of real estate experience to the table. Hailing from a family of real estate agents, she has acquired invaluable knowledge on how to best assist her customers. Ginger's passion for Magnolia shines through as she lives and loves the neighborhood. With a significant portion of her home sales occurring in Magnolia, she boasts an impressive average price point of $956K. Her exceptional track record as a top-selling agent in Seattle speaks volumes, having sold over 76% more properties than the average agent. Together, Kimo and Ginger form a dynamic duo of seasoned professionals, ready to provide unparalleled expertise and guidance in the Magnolia real estate market.

buying a home

  1. Understand the Market

    Comprehensive understanding of Magnolia's housing market is essential. As your agents, we provide in-depth analysis of sales data, prices, and trends. Working with a local specialist like ourselves ensures tailored guidance and timely updates on listings and opportunities.

  2. Secure Financing

    Obtaining financing is crucial. We connect you with trusted lenders who guide you through options and help determine a budget. We gather the necessary documents and compare rates to find the best financing option for a smooth transaction.

  3. Engage in the Transaction Process

    We're your advocate throughout the process. For buyers, we search for suitable properties, schedule viewings, and offer expert negotiation guidance. We ensure thorough inspections and review all documents diligently. With a reputable title company or attorney, we handle the paperwork and guide you through a seamless closing process.

selling a home

  1. Prepare Your Home

    Maximize your home's appeal by decluttering, cleaning, and making necessary repairs. Consider staging to help buyers envision themselves living there.

  2. Price Competitively

    Set the right price by conducting a market analysis to determine a competitive listing price. Proper pricing will attract buyers and potentially lead to multiple offers.

  3. Market Effectively

    Implement a comprehensive marketing strategy with professional photography, engaging descriptions, and online promotion. Leverage networks and connections to reach potential buyers and agents, increasing visibility for a successful sale.

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